Wednesday, April 20, 2005


My friend gnet called me one time at the office. She said she just wanted to disturb me because she has nothing else to do.

Melay: well listen to edie brickel’s wheel and practice it with the kahon (she’s our band’s percussionist, by the way)
Gnet: done that already.
Melay: read a book.
Gnet: I’ve read every book in the house.
Melay: well, read them again!
Gnet: duh.
Melay: if I was in your situation, I’d sleep.
Gnet: I can’t sleep at this time of day.
Melay: how about you think of something to do yourself? In that way, you are actually doing something already rather than calling me in the middle of my work and expecting me to accommodate you?

Kidding. I didn’t tell that last line to her. Haha. She’s a really good friend you know.
I wasn’t really upset that she called. I guess what I felt was more of envy. I was envious of the fact that she can’t think of anything to do. That is something that I haven’t done in a million years.

Later that day an officemate told me she hated our 4-work day schedule. I asked her why and she told me, “Wala akong magawa sa bahay.” My eyes dropped like a puppy yearning for that piece of meat that my master just threw in the trashcan.
Daymn.. I couldn’t believe hearing these from people... i wish one day i'd be able to say those words too.
as for now.. gotta go.. still got something to do..

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


It’s funny how some of my friends are so enthusiastic in hooking me up with other single guys in town. Ok, well, I have to admit that some even hook me up with their friends who already have girlfriends. They apparently don’t like the current girlfriend of their friend so they wanna set me up with their friend. No, I’m not speaking as if I’m this hot girl to get the hottest bachelors around. We all know I am no Cindy Kurleto or Amanda Griffin to be linked to such guys.

Come to think of it. I am everything that an ordinary guy would NOT see himself on a date with. I aint got that long and silky black hair, that flawless white skin and that oozingly sexy body. And doing that stuck out annoying pinky finger every time one reaches for something? Oh puh-lease. That’s totally not me.

But despite that, eager friends rather leave me with the question “who do I wanna date?”. (Thank you friends. Hehe.)

My latest prospect was actually a nice guy. (well, I believe all of them are -- in the beginning..) he was everything that an ordinary girl would see herself on a date with. The thing is – I am not your normal, ordinary girl. I cannot possibly see myself dating someone who sings “HAVING YOU NEAR ME” (AirSupply) and “STILL” (Lionel Richie) in a ktv bar. I do not have anything against those who do, though. Heck, this is a free country! But singing those while hitting on me? Not a good idea.

Which leads me ask another question. What is a good idea to me? what is a good, fun, clean date for a not so ordinary girl like me? nothing specific, i guess. when all that is planned suddenly turn out not the way they were supposed to be.. when the totally unexpected comes out from the expected.. (for as long as nobody gets hurt ha! hehe.. ) breaking through the traditional dating scenario will always make a date interesting. Anything that is not so ordinary always makes a lasting effect. (hay. i would love to site a few kaya lang baka maging bargain na ang dates ko.. hehe.)
ayun. another pointless point. oh, and that "having you near me/still" guy? he's not a blogger so my not so ordinary ass is pretty safe. hehe.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

sarcastically yours ... BOOGSH!


i do not have a personal digicam.

i do not even have a knack for photography.

all i have is a phone camera on hand and lots of sarcasm.

Friday, April 01, 2005


A few days ago, a friend told me that should anything happen to him in the next days, it’ll definitely be the doing of Fraternity X..

My God naman. May ganyan pa pala hanggang ngayon.

I will never understand what these fraternities are for. Never.

Giving it a chance, I reached for my dictionary and it said that ‘fraternity’ is a noun that means ‘the state or quality of being brothers; fraternal relationship or spirit; brotherliness’. It is ‘a group of men (or, sometimes, men and women; sorority for women) joined together by common interests, for fellowship, etc.; specif., a Greek-letter college organization’. It is ‘a group of people with the same beliefs, interests, work, etc.’

Sure, I was briefed by this friend since he started this whole thing. So-called brothers in a fraternity help each other. Borrowing of books, notes, even leakages. A fraternity provides one a sense of belonging. Your ‘brothers’ can even get you out of trouble. You could even get a job if the boss or the owner of a company is your ‘brad’ (or is that brood? Whatever.).

But ONLY if you pass their initiation. You know, when they blindfold you and shout in your face and hit you with a paddle at the back of your thighs (if you’re lucky). Oh, that paddle. How can I forget? I’ve held a real one myself. 2 feet long, 8 inches wide and 2 inches thick. Yeah. Brotherhood. Hah.

Thanks but no thanks. I finished school without having a sorority. I never lacked sense of belonging from my family and friends. And I can very well get a job without a backer. Para saan nga ba ang fraternity? Para sa mga dependent sa ibang tao at walang bilib sa sarili?

O sige. Common interests daw. Camaraderie. Peace. Goodwill. Yes, I still do believe that there are groups who thrive on these matters. And of course, there are still some who have twisted beliefs on the essence of a fraternity. And for as long as there are such groups, this whole fraternity thing will not make sense to me. These twisted beliefs can always harm innocent people. Whether or not they belong to the same group. And even if they do not belong to any group at all.

Come to think of it, if fraternities never existed, then these twisted beliefs on fraternities would have never existed too. There would be no abuse of power. No dispute for dominance. No dead body wrapped in a blanket, floating along Pasig River.

What is brotherhood for if you either defend or fight each other for all the wrong reasons? Tell me.

I never believed in fraternities. For me, a fraternity will always defeat its own purpose. Please don't feel offended if you belong to a fraternity. I would gladly welcome all defenses, rebuttals, explanations, comments, thoughts or violent reactions on what I just said. Help me expand my view of this fraternity thing. Until such time that I do, I guess all I have to do is pray for my friend’s safety.
Please pray for him too. thanks.
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