Monday, May 30, 2005


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philhealth kapamilya cup'05 badminton champions (women's doubles, advanced category). akalain mo yun?

one of the best things that happened to me this summer. maybe even the only one. but what a way to end this season. some good things are just around the corner after all.

salamat sa sponsors.. ftd.. rsl.. joy maligat.. barbeque.. nestle calcium plus.. (akalain mo yun?) at higit sa lahat -- maraming salamat sa tiwala, makulay -- este macolor kong kaibigang daday.
at ang galing galing mo!

Monday, May 23, 2005


last saturday was the beginning of the end of my post-graduate plans. i took the exams with very low confidence level. perhaps, none at all.
go ahead. laugh at me. this may have been the biggest waste of time and money i have ever done in my life by far. but i guess i have learned from my mistakes. i should have pushed myself a little more. i was given weeks to prepare for this sh*t, but i did it overnight. hey, it's hard to do something you really are not comfortable with. nevertheless, i took it with all efforts. i am known for always giving my best, for putting up a good fight. i took it with the best i had.
the results will be given this week. if i do not make the cut, it's perfectly fine. it just means it wasn't meant for me. if i make it, i am faced with the dilemma whether to enrol or not. (pero sabi nga ni paras, it's better to be faced by such a dilemma than having wasted my time.) whatever. it's not something to be bothered about at this time. right now, i just feel so free having completed the workshop. a huge weight has been removed from my shoulders. there are more things to think about now. it's another monday morning.

Monday, May 16, 2005


Ok naman kami noon. Hindi ko alam kung anong nangyari nitong mga nakaraang buwan at hinayaan nyang hindi kami mashadong magkasundo ng trip ngayon. Siguro hinayaan ko din kasi.

Malawak ang isipan ko pagdating sa ganitong bagay. Maaaring magbago ang isang tao. sa masmabuti. Sa masmasama. Minsan, wala dito sa dalawa. Dala lang ng alon ng buhay, nagbabago tayong lahat. Kailangang makisama sa ibang tao, kailangang makibagay sa ginagalawan nating mundo. Minsan, kailangan lang din talaga.

Hindi na ako bata. Naiintindihan ko lahat ng ito. Mejo nakaka-disappoint lang siguro. Mejo matagal na din nang nangyayari ang pagbabagong ito sa buhay ko. sa buhay niya. At sa buhay naming lahat na magkakaibigan. Kinaya naman. Ang sa akin, kung saan masaya ang isang kaibigan – susuportahan ko siya. Hindi ko kailanman binalak na maging hadlang sa isang bagay na ikasa-saya niya. Madalas yan marinig sa akin ng mga kaibigan ko – “kung saan ka masaya, masaya din ako.”

Kaya nga hindi ko na din ineexpect na bumalik lahat sa dati. Pero siguro naman walang masama kung paminsan minsan magkita-kita, pagkwentuhan at pagtawanan ang mga sarili. Paminsan lang naman. Kahit hindi minsan sa isang buwan. Kahit minsan lang sa isang semester. Ano ba naman yun diba? Nakaka-miss lang. namimiss niya kaya ako? Ang buong tropa?

Minsan naiisip ko, ayaw lang talaga magpakita sa akin nung kaibigan kong yun. Bakit kamo? Maaaring nararamdaman na din niyang nagbago na din ako. hindi na kase ako nagtetext kung hindi importante. Nakakasawa din naman magtext sa taong hindi sumasagot. So wag na lang diba? Hindi ko binabato lahat sa kanya. Ako mismo, inaamin ko, nagbago na din.

Minsan may isa akong kaibigan. Pero sana hindi dito nagtatapos ang kwento kong ito. Sana bukas, sa makalawa, sa mga susunod na buwan, magkaron siya ng oras at makipagtawanan ulit sa amin. Yun tipong labas lahat ng bituka namin sa kakatawa. Kahit minsan lang.

Sunday, May 08, 2005


we are all but humans. at some point, we all get tired. just as i am now.

you see, all i ever wanted was a fairly good life. i am no extravagant person. but then, as they say, "there is no such thing as a free lunch." we all have to work to get what we need, moreso, what we want.

work, in this context, doesn't only mean getting compensated. aside form my day job (wherein i work ten hours a day, by the way), i've been attending this evening review classses. imagine being at the office as early as 6:30am to be able to get off by 5:30pm. then going straight to diliman to catch my 6-9pm class. whew. that's basically my life right now. been doing that for 3 weeks, and there's another 2 weeks to complete. although i am not getting compensated for this review class i actually paid for, i still see it as work. it's an investment of time, money and daymn effort for future use. it'll get me a better paying (and more stable!! hehe!) job in the future. you can't blame me for calling these review classes 'work' because after all, it's all about it!! it'll make that piece of document longer and apparently more substantial. what do you call that again? oh.. resumẻ..

with this kind o f schedule, i had to give up some things. i hadn't made any new arrangements for my guitar student, who prefers saturday afternoon for our lessons. (i still have saturday review classes..) my evening runs are totally non-existent. i haven't seen an episode of one tree hill in months. i am an unreliable back up player in this billiard tournament i joined. i try to squeeze some of my social life in, and with the friends that i have, it's still pretty much intact. right now, i just meet someone for coffee becuase i need to borrow a book from him/ her.

i haven't even practiced badminton with daday yet for our upcoming tournament. and people around me keep saying that we are the team to beat? think again. daday maybe the person to beat. but with me, i guess it's a totally different story. hehe.

my band also has suffered with my choices. we have gotten so many contacts for auditions, but my schedule wouldn't allow such. well, at least not for another 2 weeks. but even with no gigs, we have to meet at least once a week. we still have to practice individually and as a group. it's like keeping a well-oiled machine working. meeting up without preparing for a gig is really no problem with my bandmates. (i am blessed with wonderful people in my life.) we just love to play. but then, as soon as my review classes and my stupid 10-hour work sked are through, we will definitely get a gig. after all, what we do is also an extra source of income. and at the end of the day -- it's still work..

if there's one thing i don't consider as work, it's this blogging thing. it's my virtual shock absorber. very few people read some of my posts. i know it's not as interesting as one can be. but hey, this is about the blogger, not the blogs anyways. (beingmelay nga eh!) i am not here to promote world peace or make this world a better place. that requires even more work to be done. no thanks.

work. work. work.. nakakapagod. i suddenly remember a line from one of my favorite books -- LIVE A BALANCED LIFE -- learn some, think some, draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work everyday some. which leads me to grab a bag of chips and a can of soda on my way home, and go straight to our couch in front of the tv set. i've been working hard lately. it's time to relax...
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