Saturday, September 22, 2007


My 100th post. and i don't even know what to write about. had i not been granted of a vacation leave, i wouldn't have even made this.

so what's new? a lot, actually. from being a bum for 4 months (uh, and having stints in different fields prior to that), i now have work. real work. been with the company for over 9 months now and i am officially promoted come October 1st. yipee!

i guess.. the most interesting thing that happened to me the past months is living alone. i live in this place near the office. it's my father's, actually, haha. so luckily, i don't pay for rent. i'm living independently -- minus the bills. haha! may ganun ba? oo. ako. haha. but seriously, for someone who loves 'me time', living alone really works. i never even imagined i could last 9 months in that situation but surprisingly, i'm loving it. siguro autistic lang talaga ako. :p

my 100th post may be senseless. it may mean nothing to you. but it does a lot to me.

what can i say? things have been coming my way lately. finally. and i have every reason to be happy. :)
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