Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I am back to living the life I am known for. Fast-paced and hectic.

Juggling school, work and gigs – not a good idea. Haha. But then this is the life that I chose and still choose to live. I am not actually aiming to be rich, although that being granted wouldn’t hurt so much. I guess I just get a high doing so much things. I realized it’s better to keep myself pre-occupied than waste time over-analyzing stuff, like I always did. The thing is, I don’t have time to ‘go out’ again. but uhm.. wala lang. haha.

But of course… I do miss boredom.
Late last year, I just bummed around for more than two months. I slept for 24-36 hours. (I can’t even say 24-36 hours ‘a day’ because it’ll be technically incorrect to say so.) I went to almost all nights out there were, with the condition that the one who invited me will pay for what I eat and drink. Obviously jobless, I was dead broke! hehe. (Again, I am very thankful for being blessed with wonderful people in my life! You guys are sooo wonderful that you even pay for my food and drinks!! Hahaha!) I did movie marathons from my computer til 8am. My guitar and I were inseparable. I even experienced falling asleep with my guitar beside me! I had all the time to review for my medtrans exams. Mavis Beacon even became my bestfriend! There was even a time that I ran out of things to do, I cleaned my slippers, yes, as in brushed them, at 3am.

But those were the days. Now, I can’t even reply to a text message. I should be creating a message template in my phone that goes: “Sorry. Late reply...” Hehehe. Whew! I sure miss boredom, but what I have now is the life that I want. I’m living it and loving it!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


i've decided not to push through with my post-valentine blog. as i've said, valentine's day is - and will always be - an over-rated occasion. it makes people soooo predictable. some dumb*sses think that they still 'surprise' people with sweet things during that day. oh please. not me.

anyway, been keeping myself busy. as usual. my highschool friends and i tried boxing this weekend. kinda cool actually. well, it was karen and her boyfriend, winchu, who were already regulars at that gym and they figured we should try it altogether just for the experience. (we do that often to add spice to our boring lives. we sleep over hotels in ortigas, go to the zoo and blahblahblah.) so, the boxing thing turned out to be a wonderful experience. of course, it was not competitive. i mean, hello? we are too old for that to begin with, and violence is really not our thing. and we are not angst-filled human beings who need to give vent to such over a punching bag. basically, we just wanted to feel like gretchen baretto for a couple of hours. haha.

my trainer was renan. he is just 17 years old. he told me he started boxing when he was 12 and he still fights in amatuer competitions back home and even here in manila. and he's ilonggo by the way. i actually had a hard time understanding him whenever he was egging me to punch. "JAB! STRAIGHT! CROSS! STRAIGHT! UPPER! UPPER! CROSS! STRAIGHT!!!" I know those words should sound differently, but he makes them sound all the same! haha. wierd. i guess it's just me.

so there. another new sport for me. you guys should try it too. we boxed at elorde gym in julia vargas (near metrowalk). the session fee is P200, that covers for the equipment, facilities and trainer for unlimited number of hours. (hanggang mamatay ka, sabi nga ni karen. haha!!) i highly suggest that you bring your own boxing gloves though. i don't think i'm going back there without my own boxing gloves. (for the same reason why i was never into softball back in highschool. haha.) you just need to buy your own hand wraps. the brand TKO is P135. i believe that's the cheapest that they've got for beginners. oh, and make sure you get yours in pairs. (right, lance? hehe.) hmm. basically, that's all you need and you can get started!

lockers, shower rooms, very friendly staff, free parking and a variety of restaurants to choose from to reload after you box. what else can you ask for? to all you people who are looking for something new to do, try boxing. again, valentine's day - not my thing. boxing - could be. hell, this just shows what kind of a person i am! haha!
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