Sunday, March 27, 2005


meet simon.
(named after simon cowell)

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he's the pet of my 3-year old niece, rocio.
he's 11 months old and about 3 1/2 feet long.
such a cutie..
it was a beauty watching him eat that poor chick.
the chick was a cutie, too.
but then...
there's this thing called food chain.
tsk.. tsk..


para lang magkaron ng update ..

binabati ko kayong lahat ng happy easter!


Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Did you just read 'teacher melay'?!

Doesn’t sound so good to me. I don’t know. I was just not born to teach. They say having the ability to teach is a gift. Well what can I say? I don’t have that gift. Could it be in not finding the right words when it comes to explanation? Maybe. All I know is that for some reason I just don’t have a thing for teaching.

Back in my student days, I would participate in board exercises in class for extra points. But ask me explain my solution? I can’t. In basketball, I can make a thousand lay-ups for you. even reverse ones. But ask me to teach that to you? I can’t. I can do a bank shot in billiards. But ask me to teach that to you? I can’t. I can go wild with my guitar. But ask me to teach that to you? I can’t.

But you know what’s the latest news? I am now officially a guitar instructor.

I couldn’t believe it myself! I had my first ever tutoring last Saturday. This anti-teaching thing almost ate me alive. A few hours before the appointment I texted my student. “abi, tuloy ba tayo ng 1pm?” I was still hoping that, you know, their family might have other plans and cancel our session. Until the time I was actually pressing their doorbell, I was still hesitant. I think it was all crazy. I didn’t know where to start. I’m afraid I might not be patient enough for this kid who wanted me to teach her play the guitar. She was a Colonel’s daughter, another thing that I’m really not comfortable with. I might get shot when I unintentionally get hard on her while doing her drills. Hehe! She was also a 7th grader in poveda kaya mejo inglis-inglisan kami dun.

But you know what? It wasn’t so bad at all. After a full hour, I was able to teach her some exercises, how to tune the guitar manually, how to read tablatures, how to differentiate a major chord from a minor chord just by listening, how to create a chord without looking at the chord chart and that famous kitchie nadal song. (I am not a fan. Just wanted to make that clear.) The strumming part was a headache, but we’ll get over that in no time.

As for now, I wanna make sure she learns everything she needs to. My way! Kidding! Hehe. I mean, I wanna make sure that my services are worth every peso that her parents are paying me for.

And lastly –
I’ll make her fall in love with the guitar the way I did.

I aint teacher melay for nothing.


Last friday, I was walking through the 18th floor to get water from the dispenser outside our room. I stopped to take a look at the bulletin board. This colorful print-out caught my attention. However, it said “Lenten Retreat”. My interest had gone away even faster than the colors caught my attention. Out of curiosity, I looked underneath it. and there was something I didn’t want to see.

Race results.
“this couldn’t be..”, I told myself.
Do you mean that that was already there for the longest time and I didn’t know?!

In whatever race the company sponsored, they never asked for race results from the organizers. More so, post it on the bulletin boards.
But of all the times to do it.. aaargh... why now?
Why THIS race?!
I didn’t even make a blog about it even though days before the race itself, there were already stuff goin’ on in my head. “ah. I’ll write about the race. This. That. And blah blah blah...” It’s been almost a year since I last joined a fun run so I was very excited about it. but I wasn’t satisfied with the results so I didn’t feel like sharing the experience to everybody on the net.

But right now, I write to redeem myself.

First and foremost, the 2005 DZMM “Takbo Para sa Kalikasan” was my worst run ever. (Well, ok, second to the worst, among all my races. The worst was my first ever duathlon where I was in the verge of giving up. Eh duathlon naman yun .. in fairness..) So why was it my worst race? Straight to the point now. I had this ‘girl thing’ the day before. Dude, it was very unfortunate. Very unexpected. And very disappointing. In effect, from the beginning of the race, I had to keep my pace slow. Even walk almost half the race. I had to let others overtake me. I was helpless.

Nevertheless, I finished the race.
But with my worst time record of a 10-kilometer run posted on the office bulletin boards. Damn bulletin boards. Kakahiya. Wala lang. defensive. Hehe.
Buti na lang may Lenten Retreat. Hehe.
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