Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's (NOT) My Birthday

David thought it was my birthday last Saturday. He greeted me a couple of nights before. Come Friday night, he texted and said, “Let’s celebrate!”

For the record, it wasn’t my birthday. But melay lakas trip again, naki-ride. Haha. He picked me up from my office. Texted and made yaya to our circle of friends. I had to tell the others that it wasn’t my birthday nga kse people started texting me and greeting me! Until talaga the next day, meron pa din nagtetext! Haha! And then shempre binulungan ko na yun mga sumunod that night (Paras, Eulr and Cedric) that it wasn’t my birthday nga. Na sumakay lang sila. So yun.

I never really knew how many buckets of beer we consumed that night. and every kampay we were like “Happy Birthday Melay!!” Funny.

Anyway… when everybody went home, I was left with David who offered to accompany me on my way home. So while we were kinda sobering up over a cup of coffee around 3 in the morning, I finally told him, “It’s not my birthday, man. Thanks, though. You’re the first one to greet me this year.” *grin*

Funnier pa these messages that I got.

Meldonne: Sabi ko na eh. Ang alam ko talaga end of July or August ang birthday mo eh.
Eulr: kelan ba talaga birthday mo? Ang alam ko talaga October.

O0o0okay… wutever! Meldonne, forgivable. Eulr, wutever talaga! Hmpf! Buti pa yun iba, safe, just asked when my birthday is ba talaga.

So, kelan nga ba?

(mga pakshet kayo. Hehe.)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


They say there's always a first time for everything.

first times are always memorable because of the experience itself. either for making you super happy (in effect, looking forward to the next time around)or for making you feel awfully bad (bad experience, dude).

there are a gazillion things to experience in this world. you can't avoid first times.

and if that first time is a terrible experience, let me just remind you that there can always be a last time too.

if you know when to stop.

now that's what they call the first AND last time.

Monday, June 05, 2006


My summer of 2006? Hmm.. where do I begin talking about my summer?

I wasn’t able to go to the beach to begin with. But I am not so much a fan of the beach naman. I love the beach without the sun and without the people. So going to the beach during summer? Not really my kind of thing. And I have a commitment kase every Saturday night so… hindi ako nakakasama sa mga nagyayaya magbeach. Ayun.

I wasn’t even able to spend my Holy Week in the province like I always did. There were just some reasons for staying here.

Kakainis lang. one time I arrived in the office. A colleague said, “San ka nagbeach???” Aba, nangitim daw ako. Bad trip. Nangingitim ako ng hindi man lang nagbeabeach. O diba. Nakakatawa.

But then, it was one helluva summer for me. Masaya. There were times that I felt there were things that were really brighter than sunshine so to speak. Really. (kaya siguro ako nangitim? Haha.) But during the latter part of it, when it sort of started to rain, I also felt being in overlapping darkness. Bad trip again, I got sick pa nga. At first I thought it was just some kind of a psychosomatic thing, but then nagtuloy tuloy na. Fever as in chills and all that crap in the middle of the night and can’t-go-to-work-the-next-day effect. hay.

But yun nga, generally speaking, it was an unforgettable summer. Gigs. Moments. Hanging out. Sneaking around. Sticking together. Defying pampagulos. Masaya. Kahit inulan ako nung banding huli, it was all worth it. I never would have wanted it any other way.

Now, it’s always raining. I soooooooo hate it when it rains. Aside from feeling lethargic, it always brings my spirits down. Always. But yup, summer’s over. So is… hmm.. it’s over.

What a time to rain on me.

(sabay maririnig ko pa yun ulan ng cueshe, na hindi naman ako fan, tuwing sumasakay ko ng taxi. Duhell. Lagi na lang daw umuulan. Para daw walang katapusan. Duh. Meron kaya. Meron.)

Friday, June 02, 2006


Napanood ko yun teaser ng Captain Barbel sa channel 7 nung Linggo. Wala lang. Parang hindi bagay kay Richard Guttierez.. hehe. Yun much talked about at very controversial na costume niya na ayaw pa i-disclose sa public kung magkano (pero close to 1 million pesos daw), parang -- nyek. Yun na yun? I mean, hindi maganda tignan on him. Parang lumiit yun ulo niya. Hehe!

Chaka bakit sha din yun alter-ego ni Captain Barbel dun? Si Enteng (pero based on my research ay pwede ding Tengteng/Enteng/Ting-Ting sa dinami-daming versions nito). Wala lang. kinalakihan ko lang siguro na iba yun magpplay ng alter-ego ni Captain Barbel. Pero dati naman daw si Bob Soler lang din ang nagplay ng both characters (19??). Yun kay Dolphy ba, sha lang din yun (1965)? Parang off ata na sha din yun Captain Barbel dun, sa payat niya noon. Hehe.

Kase look, yun mga movie versions after nun, like yun kay Edu Manzano, si Herbert Bautista yun alter-ego niya (1986). And then yun kay Bong Revilla, Ogie Alcasid naman played opposite his role (2003).

Hmm. Baka due to budget constraints yun ngayon? Hehe. Sa bagay, sabi nila nun sa Mulawin, Richard earned P200K per episode. Kamusta naman at araw-araw kaya iyon. Haha. Kaya sha na lang din yun alter-ego ni Captain Barbel ngayon kahit hindi naman bagay. Pero napag-isip nga ako dun eh. Kung sakali, sino kaya ang pwedeng alter-ego sa Captian Barbel na series ngayon?

Tingin ko?

Si Raymond Guttierez. Hehe.

(Naku, another P200K na naman ba yun per episode? Baka kalahati lang. hehe.)
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