Tuesday, August 09, 2005


walking in cubao was an experience i never would wanna feel. not in the near future. no, i wasn't robbed or something. i just didn't like the feeling. the feeling of walking alone in cubao is paranoia to the nth degree. last night, the girl in front of me seemed used to the place as she was brisk walking. i thought of keeping it up to her pace.. but i realized it was more than brisk walking. it was a walkathon with criminals. it was even a mind game. it was reading the minds of the people within my proximity. who are the bad guys?! who are the good guys?! not that i have so much to lose, but i tell you.. it was hell.

nevertheless, walking in cubao was the much needed exercise i was looking for. i hope the next time i get to do that again, i will still be able to live and blog about it.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


i am happy upon hearing that your day totally becomes ruined when you hear my name. no, i am not happy. that's an understatement. i am ecstatic!

it's amazing how you came up with such statements. i'm gonna give you a C+ for the effort. for your futile attempt to make up stories. congratulations! you just made it to the losers club! you have been chosen as the flavor of the month! i know, i know. you like it that way. you know, the attention and all. well then, you are now the object of dislike, disgust, despise, abomination. whatever you wanna call it. you are the epitome of mental imbecility. you are despicable. and i'd be more than willing to give the award to you. oops! no, why don't you do the honors? get a permanent marker, and draw the letter "L" on your forehead. oh, and don't face the mirror after that. you might wonder what the mirror image of that letter means. you can get that stupid, you know.

don't feel flattered that i spent time doing this. save the flattery for another time. it is actually my pleasure writing this. this will also serve as an entertainment for my friends. and i feel awfully sorry for you.. for being technologically-challenged. because all you can do with a pc is to log in to yahoo and friendster. poor you.

very poor you. you have tried to squeeze in our crowd for the longest time. and it's such a pity that you finally got into my nerve. and everybody else's, for that matter. now there's no room for you. plenty for others, but none for you. for your head is just too blown up, but you brain remains miniscule. (i hope by now, you know what the word means.)

don't worry, the feeling is mutual. (the feeling is actual, if you were to say that. hehehe.) except that i am delighted when i hear your name. because that sparks up another interesting discussion about your pathetic antics. how you have transformed from a gremlin to .. an even bigger, uglier... gremlin. wahehe. but sorry, none of us is afraid of you. not me. not any of my friends. i used to think that i can't bear being within a 20-foot radius from you. but if i can ruin your day with just that, it will be my pleasure. so be afraid. be very afraid. i just might come around.
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