Friday, November 11, 2005


after quitting my job (again..), i suddenly had a new career. i am now a shrink.
During d past two -- and i say two days, five -- and i say five of my friends have actually either called or texted me to seek my friendly, or should i say, not-so-friendly advice.
i am now a love shrink. (yuck.)
As if i know much about it. I brag about being a retired hopeless romantic all the time. I know absolutely nothing about love. So why do i come to mind when they need to release some of their thoughts about it?
I'm asking you.
A couple of them have actually been 'regulars'. Apparently, when they talk to me, nalilinawanagan daw sila. E nambobola lang naman ako. Haha!No, but seriously, what i will say will always be what it already is. And i don't give conclusions. Just options for them because ultimately, they will be responsible for their actions. (shempre hugas kamay ako. Haha.) There's no secret method in giving out an advice. It's called rationale. Sentido comon.
Sometimes i feel like, "jeez, everything's laid out on the table. Need i say more?!" But i guess some people just need to hear reiterations of the matter, so fine. What are friends for? What are shrinks for?

Hey you guys, the next time around you should -- and i say should pay me for that. ok?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


this is it. our friend gracy is actually married.

at the reception, my college classmates were wildly guessing who could be next. aldwin and gio insisted it would be me. i said, "good luck sa inyo!" and they were like dead serious, "d nga. yun least expected, yun ang sumusunod." i didn't know if that was a compliment or what. but i am pretty sure that i won't be the next one among us to get married. i can bet everything i have now (which is not so much, by the way) on that. i could be the next after the next, but definitely not the next. my chances of being the next american idol might even be far better than that..

and so, the m.c. called on all single ladies for the bouquet throwing thing. i was like what-the-heck-i-won't-catch-it-anyway. but they changed it from the usual throwing, asked us to form a circle as we passed around the freakin' bouquet while music was playing. the music stopped while the bouquet was, yes, with me. the crowed shrieked as if it was a big deal. (you know that typical pinoy kilig-sigaw thing? that one.) anyways, to make the long story short, the one who wore the garter on me was my kapit-bahay. we're not like super friends, but i've known the guy since 1st grade. we are not even the kind of neighbors who give each other fruitcake every christmas. so much for the pamahiin, huh?

basically, the night went well. i missed gracy walking towards the altar because i was late, as usual. i also missed the you-may-kiss-the-bride part because i was eating squidballs outside the church at that time. gio, aldwin and meldonne witnessed everything. karlo asked paras if he could make him thinner in the pictures (something i think was impossible unless paras had photoshop or something in his phone). paras has really, and i mean really, lost a lot of weight since i last saw him. and according to him, sheera looked more of a ninang than an abay. haha.

congrats to mon and gracy!

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