Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's (NOT) My Birthday

David thought it was my birthday last Saturday. He greeted me a couple of nights before. Come Friday night, he texted and said, “Let’s celebrate!”

For the record, it wasn’t my birthday. But melay lakas trip again, naki-ride. Haha. He picked me up from my office. Texted and made yaya to our circle of friends. I had to tell the others that it wasn’t my birthday nga kse people started texting me and greeting me! Until talaga the next day, meron pa din nagtetext! Haha! And then shempre binulungan ko na yun mga sumunod that night (Paras, Eulr and Cedric) that it wasn’t my birthday nga. Na sumakay lang sila. So yun.

I never really knew how many buckets of beer we consumed that night. and every kampay we were like “Happy Birthday Melay!!” Funny.

Anyway… when everybody went home, I was left with David who offered to accompany me on my way home. So while we were kinda sobering up over a cup of coffee around 3 in the morning, I finally told him, “It’s not my birthday, man. Thanks, though. You’re the first one to greet me this year.” *grin*

Funnier pa these messages that I got.

Meldonne: Sabi ko na eh. Ang alam ko talaga end of July or August ang birthday mo eh.
Eulr: kelan ba talaga birthday mo? Ang alam ko talaga October.

O0o0okay… wutever! Meldonne, forgivable. Eulr, wutever talaga! Hmpf! Buti pa yun iba, safe, just asked when my birthday is ba talaga.

So, kelan nga ba?

(mga pakshet kayo. Hehe.)


Blogger tin-tin said...

actually, when i saw lanee's message in your tagboard, napaisip ako. pero alam ko you're not a june celebrant. alam ko si lanee lang. :)

9:35 PM  
Blogger melay / carme said...

yes! Ü

i mean, yes, i am not a june celebrant! heehee! Ü

10:02 PM  
Blogger Gerard John B. Paras said...

ako alam ko birthday mo ha!

6:17 PM  
Blogger melay / carme said...

talaga, paras? hmm? Ü

8:43 PM  

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