Thursday, March 20, 2008

Joke Time Lang

a friend of mine just passed the medical boards last month. i just remembered how hard she studied in med school until her internship and all that, tapos being in and out of her relationship that time pa. so i was just curious if her ex knew that she had already passed the boards. oo daw and nagcongrats na daw si ex. sabi ko itext niya:

"thanks! i wouldn't have made it with you."

joke time lang. ahahaha. peace out. :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Christmas Song by Adam Sandler

Well,um it's the holiday season and Santas' been checkin' his list to see whos' been naughty or nice and I'm kinda feelin' guilty
So I wrote a song

So many presents, so little time
Santa won't be coming by my house this year
'Cause I tried to drown my sister and I pierced my ear
Oh mama made it perfectly clear
Santa don't like bad boys
Especially Jewish ones

Skanif-kanof and Lego blocks are what I desire
So, why'd I have to set the pizza guy's hair on fire
I told him I was sorry, I'm a liar
So, no toys for me .. I don't deserve 'em

I couldn't wait for a big wheel as the holiday neared
But then I told my grandma that she had a beard

(speaking) Dear Santa, I know what my problem is
Why I can't be good .. It's a fear of intimacy
You see, my whole life whenever I've met someone really great like you
and I keep feeling I'm getting too close to them
Something inside me makes me want to screw it up
So in a weird way the reason I'm so bad is because I love you so much Santa

Rock 'em, Sock 'em robots is what I was hopin' for
But then I made a death threat to Vice President Gore
Oh Santa won't be knockin' on my door
'Cause he's a big fat whore
What made me say that!?
Chutes and LaddersWould be so good indeed
So why's I have to sell that cop a bag of weed
So Santa please give me my Easy Bake Oven
I swear I thought Billy goats were made for lovin'

So Santa won't you accept my appoligies
Santa can't you see, I'm beggin' you please
Oh Santa, next year I'll do you right
.. Live from New YorkIt's Saturday Night

Cute song. share lang! Merry Christmas y'all!!!!! :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Passport Renewal

Those of you who plan to renew their passports, go and take the P1,099-1,250 offers at malls. i was there last monday and up until today, i feel soooooo tired. hahah. I mean, yeah, if you go there, you only get to spend P500 for the processing (and an additional P155 for the pictures if you don't bring any and P180 if you want it delivered to your doorstep a day after the date of release of your new passport.)

tipid kung sa tipid. but to go through all the trouble? trust me. you would rather pay the mall/travel agency prices, lalo na kung wala kang kasabay magparenew. imagine, pipila ka sa isang basketball court. tapos pila ulit sa kabilang building, ganun ganun. Plus even before entering the DFA compounds, people outside harass you. as in. mga fixers at kung anu-ano. and the agencies in the area charge P1,700 pa. eh since i was there na din, i figured ipila ko nalang at lahat. (at pinanindigan ko sa mga fixers na hindi ko sila kailangan sa buhay ko! haha.) it took me 3 solid hours to finish the pila pila. unlike other things-to-do, dito, you don't get to have short breaks or whatever. not even washroom breaks. or else... wala ka na sa pilaaaa.

yeah, personal appearance is already required even for renewals but if you choose to renew via a third party, malaking oras at pagod ang mawawala sayo. they'll have you scheduled for the personal appreance and you'll go straight to the payment step. that took me 2 hours and 55 minutes since i decided to renew it myself in DFA. parang sandali lang ba? nako noh, agonizing yun. lalo na i came from shift and i went there alone. buti i had a mini-radio with earphones. nakakaiwas ako sa mga taong bored din sa pila na feeling close. mga tipong ngingitian ka at tatanungin ka ng "magttrabaho ka ba sa abroad o tourist ka lang?" at sinasagot ko lang ng stare. (like don't you get it? i do not talk to strangers.)

so yun lang. oh, and added info lang. for regular processing, yun P500, 15 working days yun. pag rush, yun 7 working days to process, P750. i don't know about first time application though. he.. la lang.

share, share. :)

Saturday, September 22, 2007


My 100th post. and i don't even know what to write about. had i not been granted of a vacation leave, i wouldn't have even made this.

so what's new? a lot, actually. from being a bum for 4 months (uh, and having stints in different fields prior to that), i now have work. real work. been with the company for over 9 months now and i am officially promoted come October 1st. yipee!

i guess.. the most interesting thing that happened to me the past months is living alone. i live in this place near the office. it's my father's, actually, haha. so luckily, i don't pay for rent. i'm living independently -- minus the bills. haha! may ganun ba? oo. ako. haha. but seriously, for someone who loves 'me time', living alone really works. i never even imagined i could last 9 months in that situation but surprisingly, i'm loving it. siguro autistic lang talaga ako. :p

my 100th post may be senseless. it may mean nothing to you. but it does a lot to me.

what can i say? things have been coming my way lately. finally. and i have every reason to be happy. :)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Interesting Replies

I forwarded this message to my friends last week.

"I've learned that you can not make someone love you...
All you can do is stalk them and hope they panic and give in. haha.Ü"

Yeah, quite a simple, pa-cute message. But i got interesting replies that i wanted to document them. hehe. here they go.

1. Hmm. Haven't tried that. (ano, tipong 'masubukan nga' effect? haha.)
2. Been there. Done that! (at proud pa. haha! so, did it wok?)
3. You should be thankful i didn't go that far with you. (or.. something like this. hah! sira! hee.)
4. Let the stalking begin!!! (Game!)

Eto lang mga natandaan ko, eh. pero haha, wala lang. aliw.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Please genuflect for the arrival of his royal highness LIAM OLINGER ROCHE CARINGAL DIMAGIBA, born September 24, 2006. 3.8 kilos, 54 cm.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006


do you know why some people will always remain a fantasy?


.. because they were NEVER REAL to begin with ..
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