Monday, May 29, 2006


Woke up today with sad, sad thoughts. *sigh*

I have been bending and breaking lately to understand the situation I am in. pero I still can't. why is that kaya? Hmm. i don't know much to be able to fully understand things. and i just got tired of hearing 'sorry' because i don't know what it is for. first time in my life that i refused to accept a 'sorry'. but i do have a point, don't i? hmm.

i'm not mad though. think that's weird? i don't think so. let's go back to the premise that i do not know anything about what's happening. that includes not knowing of any reason to be mad.

so what were my sad, sad thoughts?

hmm. sabi nila the truth will set you free. i woke up this morning choosing to remain free despite not knowing what i have to know, the truth. haha. labo ko ba? well, i don't exactly have to, like, 'have to' know din naman talaga. and i am not in the position to demand an explanation for what happened. i don't want this whole thing holding me back from God knows what else i could do and who else i could meet. i'm better than this. i'm better than this.

so waking up this morning, instead of waiting for the truth to be told or wondering if i'll ever get to know the reasons why this had to happen, i decided to get up from bed, say my morning prayers and live.

i am free from the drama that put me down the past couple of weeks. i still don't know the reason behind that drama. but i'll leave it at that.

sad, sad thoughts. *sigh*


Blogger Gerard John B. Paras said...

hmmm...ano to!!? could you be any more discreet?

8:24 PM  
Blogger melay / carme said...

heehee! wala laaaang. Ü

miss you paras!!!!

9:35 PM  

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