Thursday, October 27, 2005


minsan sinundo ako ng hs friend ko, si karen. we were going to have dinner at Tiendesitas with our other friends.

nakatayo ako sa kanto ng pearl drive at nung nagsarang coffee shop doon.
dumating ang taxi.
bumaba si karen.
nagtaka ako kung bakit hindi pa niya pina-derecho yun taxi.
ganito pala ang nangyare.

karen: manong, may susunduin lang tayo sa pearl drive tapos pwede po ba i-derecho na natin sa Tiendesitas?
taxi driver: (hindi pumayag) anong akala mo sa akin? DRIVER?

naloka ang kaibigan ko at bumaba.

naloka din ata ako.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


the thought that i was dead crossed my mother's mind. for her, it was waaay tooo creepy. i think it was waaay tooo ... weird.
she creeped into my room, slowly approaching me as was sleeping on my bed. i moved. she sighed and left my room. for a moment, she thought that i was no longer breathing inside my room, where in fact, i was just 'hibernating.'
i couldn't blame her though. it has been more than 24 hours since she heard me say "mum, i'm home." more than 24 hours since she last heard my bedroom door close. and open, for that matter.
yes, i do sleep for more than 24 hours (sometimes 30, to be exact) on weekends. that's mainly because i sleep for like, 3-4 hours a day on weekends. the reasons behind that is about the scheduling of my work and school (gigs alongside, although that's very rare nowadays). it's complicated going into details. nakakatamad magtype.
a 24-hour sleep is part of my life. luckily, despite everything that's going on in it, i still have time for that. and i know most people don't. most people even can't. they keep asking me of that after-a-long-sleep headache. never really had one.
so if one time you text me and it's a weekend and i get to reply the next day, i probably just got out of my 24-hour slump. i just spent my day off. and i'm literally 'off' to another world.
a couple of weeks back, i woke up from that kind of sleep, reached for my phone, replied to a friend and she said:
wow! nabuhay ka!"
again and again and again -- i was not dead.
i was just 'hibernating'.

Monday, October 10, 2005



There have been some big changes here at Friendster. And change is good! Especially when it means new features and improvements that you specifically requested. That's right, you said jump, and we did.
blah blah blah..."
nakakatuwa din mga changes na ginawa nila. pwede nang mag-upload ng sangkatutak ng pictures, pwedeng pwede na i-customize yun itchura ng page mo, may blogs na din sila, at pwede ka pang mag-upload ng video. ok naman eh. napapabilib pa ako dati kase parang every week may bago sa friendster! pero yun pinakabago --
yun Who’s Viewed Me na link -- di ko ata gusto!!!!!!!! we said jump -- but it think you've overdone it.
ang corny!!!!! malalaman mo na kung sino nagv-view ng profile mo!! super kj! not that i don't care who views mine, pero i can't just view any profile i want! and not as frequently as i did!!!! .. hmp. nakakinis talaga. shempre ma-pride ako. ayokong isipin ng isang tao na vini-view ko profile niya. grabe, halos sa lahat ng taong nakahalubilo ko the past week, nab-bring up ito sa usapan. it IS news mga tsong.
ayan, inamin ko na -- nagv-view ako ng profile ng mga tao. ikaw ba hindi? i mean, gumawa lang ba ako ng friendster account para ma-view ng mga tao ang profile ko? duh.. ano ako, artista? shempre i check on some peeps once in a while. peeps like crushes, ex-crushes, their ex-es even, o kung sinong currents nila, etcetera etcetera! ngayon hindi ko na magawa!!! mabubuking ako! huwaah!!
ok pa yung how many times your profile has been viewed over a certain time eh. pero who's viewing who? nah. mashadong give-away. pampawala ng thrill. CORNY!!!!!
mga kaibigan ko na lang ulit iv-view ko. kahit may text naman para magkamustahan kame. hmph. iv-view ko na lang sila para malaman ko kung nag-edit ba sila ng profile nila o nagpalit ng default picture. daymn.


no offense to nina and mymp fans...

.. but i am glad that their cds are not being played all over the place anymore. well, not as much as before, at least. i mean, i go to 7-11, i ride on the fx, i eat at jollibee, i take a cab, i visit a friend in the hospital, i go to the office, i ride on my friend's car -- and all i hear is either nina's or mymp's album. i mean, please. give me a break, will ya? i have memorized their tracks, considering i don't have a copy of either albums! would you believe that?!

i do not hate them. they are great artists. i guess their songs are just overplayed, if there was such a thing. and i am a little disappointed that people have chosen to narrow down their preferences when it comes to music. there are more bands/artists out there, both localy and internationally. a hell of a lot more. and they have more to offer. originality, for instance. renditions are ok, but if it gets too much as this, then where have all the filipino song writing talents gone? are these artists just out there to please everyone's ears, almost forgetting to express themselves through their own way? own STYLE, yes. but own stuff? like lyrics, music and arrangement? nah. i think it's more fulfilling to be known for your own stuff, than being recognized as the one who did a version of julia fordham's or kathy trocolli's song. ( i give credit to kitchie nadal for doing her own stuff, although i am not a fan.)

and to listeners out there, are you just willing to settle with this? i know we all have this freedom of choice thingy. but believe me there's a whole lot more about music than this. a whole lot more.

p.s. nag-gig kame sa gweilo's makati nung friday. may nag-abot ng tissue. nag-request ng mga ganun. eventually, umuwi. hehe. oops!!! nagkamali sila ng napuntahan. hehe.
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