Saturday, June 18, 2005


i just had this "catching-up date" with paras. (we do that once in a while to catch-up on kwentos and stuff.. samakatuwid.. tsismisan.) it was as interesting as usual, but a topic in one of our conversations led me into wondering (again) if astrology really does matter.. i mean the stars and the moon and the planets.. how they affect who you are and how they can predict your future.

it's not that i don't believe in such. i actually am into listening to people talking about signs and personalities of people based on astrology. this is because i can agree or disagree with what i hear, based on my own observation of people.

so what have i realized? nothing much. (wow.. napaka-interesting ko talaga magblog.. grabe. hehe.) i mean, it's all the same. some are true, some are not. the exact match of people i know and their personalities based on astrology may prove that astrology is, in fact, true. but it can also be just coincidence. inconsistencies will always be there, but as paras said, there maybe an evolution involved. like, when you were originally born as a taurus, but somehow you have 'evolved' into being a gemini.

evolution?! well, our conversation went to as far as that because paras knows some real stuff in astrology. he recommended the future minders to me. it's a site about those stuff. i checked it out and it's pretty interesting. i was expecting the recurring notion about leos that we are proud, ego-centric and self-centered people. (okay. so there's no denying. the more we deny, the more it shows.. hehe..) and there were quite some surprises.. but again, as i always say about astrology, there will always be exact hits (sapul. tipong ikay na ikaw!), and there will always be inconsistencies.

here's one thing about me i found in that site that i agree with.. (soooo much.. hehe..)

You have an abundance of creative ideas and do not enjoy a job in which you have no creative input or voice in decision-making.
it seems.

the inconsistencies? nah, they are for me to keep. after all.. i do not fully believe in astrology. i cannot design my life based on a few words that even the most experienced astrologer wrote on a piece of paper. this is my life. i get to make MY desicions based on MY instincts. i do not only believe in the stars and the moon and the planets.. i also believe in God.. who has, in some paper, written the journey of my life only He can edit and read.

come on philhealth people. check out the future minders. i know you have lots of time to waste. hehe.

Sunday, June 12, 2005


you may think that washburn and yupangco maybe crazy to give a free concert of NUNO BETTENCOURT AND THE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE in manila. and boy, am i glad they are crazy!!!

yes. yes. nuno was here. june 9, 2005. it was supposed to be a guitar clinic of some sort, but he admitted himself that he 's not into teaching and stuff. the only way he can get his music across is well, to play them. so what i expected to be a clinic was a FREE CONCERT. whooooah! it was a blast. oh i'm tellin' you! an hour of waiting in line outside the yupangco building in jupiter street was worth the wait. another couple of hours standing during the show is -- bliss!

i didn't get the best spot in the house though. see, i was standing behind this camera man who's standing on a monoblock chair. (i was close enough to see the rivermaya guys minus rico blanco though). so i had to bend a little to watch him. this was the best shot i got.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
that black thing on the upper right hand corner is the camera man's elbow! darn.

here's a better picture of them. that's nuno bettencourt, 2nd from left. the others are members of the near death experience. just seach their names on the net if you want. nakakatamad na magtype eh. hehe.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

baka naman isipin niyo, nuno ako ng nuno dito, hindi niyo naman pala sha kilala.. hehe. he's the former guitarist of extreme. yah, yah. more than words. pero ngayon ang music niya ay rock. super galing mag gitara! charmer pa, he let a woman sit on a chair on the stage kase yun ale pinagsisiksikan yun sarili niya sa maliit na space sa floor in front of the stage. he was kind enough to let a fan jam with him (in get the funk out) and use his guitar pa. he was giving out the picks he's been using. basta basta! nakakatuwa! you should've been there. hehe.

so.. they played gravity, monkey paw, midnight express and get the funk out, to name a few. i had to leave before the last two songs kase i had somewhere else to go to.. pero i heard he played the live, full band version of more than words.

nuno said their album's release here in the philippines is already under negotiation. hopefully he could also perform in a real concert here din soon. so ayun. there were rockers, long-haired guys with goaties around me. nakakatuwa yun gabing yun. thanks for my brother, he was the one who registered my name in yupangco.


Friday, June 03, 2005

should love be a problem?

a close friend is in the brink of a break-up from a two-year relationship. (brink, as in, away.. bati.. away.. bati.. magkakaayusan sa telepono.. tapos away na naman! bati! but they both know it just wouldn't work! hehe.) well, this friend is devastated. big time.
anyway, when she confides in me, she keeps telling me that she can't go through all these alone. she needs people who will always stay with her and help her move on. i said, "gurl, there are more important things we all should be thinking about. you can't expect someone to be with you 24/7 just because of that. you better start thinking you should help yourself. that's your first step, to begin with."
was i rude? well, maybe i should have chosen my words, but i stand by what i said. in this lifetime, there are more problems to be dealt with. a hell of a lot more. love should not be one of them.
aside from being a tough girl, i have been branded by friends as the happiest single person in this planet to date. surely, it's been years since my 'bf' (or boypren-boyprenan, if i may say) disappeared. well, okay. sometime, he still crosses my mind. i just wonder if he's still missing, probably even dead. who cares?! it only took me days to move on and i am still here -- alive and kickin'.. and rockin'! bitter? yes. but to dwell on that? hell nawww.
love to me is like corn and carrots. it's just a side dish. i don't need it. i don't need a significant other. i don't need someone to worship me. and most of all, i don't need sex. if love is there, then it's there. if it's not, then it's not. if it used to be there, then realize that now, it's not there! napaka-simpleng bagay.
love should be good for you. if that's no longer the case, then give it up. love should not be a problem.
take it from me.
i'm a retired hopeless romantic.
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