Sunday, February 27, 2005


"it's their house. we just pay the bills.", a couple says, referring to their 4-year old twin boys. i saw this oprah episode about kids going out of control. outrageous tantrums were caught on tape. as in. i saw this 5-year old boy literally dragging his younger brother. and this 3-yer old girl kicking her own father. and those screams.. jeez.. they almost drove me nuts! no wonder i was never fond of kids!

well, of course eventually i will have children of my own. but definitely it's not in the near future. i don't think i have enough patience to deal with kids yet. i mean.. just watching those videos made me wanna turn them into a soccer ball and you-know-what's-next! hehe! hay. hay.. kids. kids. kids.

one time, i had to baby sit for my 3-year old niece rocio camille. the moment we were left alone in the house, i closed my eyes, bowed my head and whispered, "lord.. help me." hehehe.. in fairness, she doesn't easily get out of control like most kids do. i wanna share this latest story about rocio camille..

her "other side" lola was giving her a sermon for doing something naughty..

lola: we will not feed you! we willl buy happy meal and we won't give you any!
rocio camille: (calmly) so what?

weehoo! way to go! atta girl! that's my niece! 3 years old. unbelievable. i think her "other side" lola was the one out of control at this time. haha. rocio camille was very much in control of the situation here! haha..

anyways.. for those people who missed that oprah episode and do need help for their out of control children, this book called "super nanny" may be of help. Jo Frost, the british author, was one of the oprah's guests and her methods seemed to work on those out of control kids who were featured in the show. i just don't know if it's already available here in the philippines. but what the heck? if it's still not out in the market, you can always close your eyes, bow you head and whisper.. "lord.. help me.."

trust me. it helps. hehe..

Thursday, February 17, 2005


love seat.
love notes.
love boat.
love booth.
love birds.
love child.
love fool.
love shack.
love sick.
love life.
love story.
love team.
love quote.
love virus.

but love bonus?

i would love to believe that there was such a thing.. but the name -- dude.. it didn't even appeal to me.

not at all.

Monday, February 14, 2005


sing to the tune of 'let's get retarded a.k.a. let's get it started' by the black eyed peas ..


okay. okay. this blog is very predictable. fine. but i can't help it. hehe. i mean c'mon. it's valentine's day. i just wanted to share some thoughts on this thing called love. some may even wonder if i ever had some -- knowing that i have been single on most part of my life. yes, i am a star-crossed lover. but i am still -- a lover.
care for extra cheese?

knowing that i am a fear factor contestant wannabe, a friend once asked me: "do you have any fear on anything at all?" of course i do. they are only two things though:
1 i am afraid of my pop (in tagalog: takot ako sa tatay ko. lalo na po pag galit sha. hehe.) and
2 i am afraid of falling in love again.

more cheese, please...

"i am afraid of falling in love again." i guess when we get hurt we all say that. but that does not necessarily mean that we do not want to fall in love again. it's just that we tend to be very careful on the next steps that we take. we become more cautious.. thinking that we have so much to give and that it should be given to someone deserving. but you know what? we'll never know who's deserving and who's not. that's the beauty of it all. taking that plunge without knowing what's underneath the waters. in this case -- we are just afraid to take the plunge. but the good side of it is -- we are on the edge of that diving board. we are not on ground level. we are on that diving board. admittedly afraid of jumping off. with knees shaking. but still believing that after taking the plunge -- it'll all be fine soon. we are afraid. but we still believe.

am i getting across here? my friend kase was confused when i explained that to her. she told me: "first you tell me that you are afraid of being in love. now you're telling me that you still believe in love. ano ba talaga?"

i answered: "we can't be afraid of something we don't believe in."

don't you think so?

wala lang. just something to think about. and partly in response to those who think that when i say 'i am afraid', ibig sabihin 'ayoko na'. hello?.. that doesn't follow noh. hehe.

happy valentine's day to all!

how about ending this with a song too? sing again to the tune of 'let's get retarded a.k.a. let's get it started' by the black eyed peas ..


Monday, February 07, 2005


Today marks the start of my hell week. I am cramming for this entrance exam on Sunday. I have cancelled my band practices this week to review for that. However, I will still play in our gig on Friday night and Saturday morning. (Yes, a gig on a Saturday morning – that’s right.)

Then there’s this philhealth anniversary celebration on February 12-14 (Saturday to Monday) at the fort. While I begged off from joining the production number of our sector, a while ago I was just asked to play for an office band on Saturday afternoon. Just last week someone asked me to standby because I might play for the Sunday band. Ok. Now I am confused. What the heck.. anything for playing.

Anyways, it’s pinugu’s birthday on the 12th. And I’m going out with my highschool friends that night to celebrate it here – while she is in the states. Hehe. we’ll call her nalang there. There’s even this birthday party of another friend in paliparan, cavite that same night where, of course, it is practically impossible for me to attend since I have an exam the following morning. After the exam I will still be going to the philhealth anniversary in the afternoon so I would be entitled for a compensatory time-off from the office.

Come February 14, valentine’s day – we are all mandated to attend this last day of celebration of philhealth’s anniversary. I have this buy one take one coupon from my starbucks planner and I thought of sharing it with glenn in market! market! branch. Valentine’s day. Sit over coffee with a very good friend. For a change.
Plans for that night? I dunno. My band is looking for a gig but I think it’s too late to get booked at this time. If we don’t get a gig, I’ll probably do something I have been longing to.. kiss and hug that someone I miss so much.. that someone I haven’t spent enough time with.. and sleep with him in my room..

I miss my two-foot elmo.
I miss having a good rest with him in my arms.
I guess there’s nothing better than that. For me, that’s the best way to cap my hell week.

Friday, February 04, 2005


Yan ang title ng second album ng sugarfree. Nakakatuwa. Whoever came up with that word is a genius. hehe..


I love that word. Ü
Uso lang ba ang drama ngayon kaya yun ang naisip nilang title o talagang nakakarelate lang talaga ako? Palagay ko nasa punto lang talga ako ng buhay ng isang tao na puno ng drama. Kung hindi man, pilit na nilalagyan ko lang ng drama ang buhay. Hindi ko alam.

Napapaligiran din kasi ako ng mga ma-dramang tao. Nang mauso ang blogsites, natuwa akong makita ang writer at softer sides ng iba kong mga kaibigan. Sa totoo lang ang nag-trigger din sa akin na magsulat ng ganitong article ay yung blog ni dadaydamakulay na The Sweetest ang pamagat. Nung minsan naisip ko na ding sumulat ng ganito kase napansin ko, kung sino pa yung mga kaibigan kong lalaki, sila pa tong dinaig ako sa drama! Tulad ni coulrophobic clown. sira ulo tong taong to kung kilala mo siya. Bibo. Mahirit. Maingay. Makulit. Nakakatawa. Clown – na takot sa clown. (pareho kame. Hehe!) kung mababaw ang pagkakakilala mo sa kanya hindi mo aakalaing siya ang nagmamay-ari ng blogsite na yun. Lalo naman si malikhaing pagsasablay. susmaryosep. siya ang pinaka-madramang lalaking nakilala ko sa talambuhay ko. promise. Siya ang aking dramachine. Pag nasa mood din akong magdrama, papakinggan ko lang siya. Paulit ulit kong sinasabi sa kanya na hindi ko kailangan ng token para paandarin ang human dramachine na ito. (token, hindi. Beer, oo! Hehe) Madramang nakakatuwa. At masmarami pa akong mga kaibigan na wala mang oras gumawa ng blogsites, pero napakaraming oras pa rin para magdrama. Ganun lang talaga siguro ang tao.

Uso lang ba ang drama ngayon o talagang nasa punto ako ng buhay na yun na ma-drama talaga? May theory ako eh. May panahon talagang ganito. Mid-20’s crisis ang tawag ko sa kanya. Nararamdaman ng yuppies na naghahanap na ng kabuluhan sa buhay. Masmadalas ang pagtanong ng ‘bakit?’. Nagtatrabaho. Kumikita ng pera. Pa-upgrade up-grade ng cellphone. Palaro-laro ng badminton o kaya pa-jog jog kuno pa sa gabi. At the end of the day, the mid-20’s crisis creeps up your system.. and suddenly you realize that you’re just an empty branded shoebox. Then what?


Magse-set ka lang ng alarm for the next day kase may pasok ulit.

Dramachine na ito.

Kung tutuusin... kung titignan mo sa malayo.. kung titignan mo ng kabuuan.. kung titignan mo sa normal na paningin ng isang tao.. hindi madrama ang buhay ko. pero sa mga mata ko, I need to work on so many things in my life. I have my own battles to fight. Ang matindi dun, battles from within sila. Hindi ko alam kung sino ang gusto ko. hindi ko alam kung anong gusto kong mangyari sa buhay ko. hindi ako handa sa mga unfortunate events na maaaring mangyari at naiinis ako dahil wala akong ginagawang paghahanda.

Hay. Tama na nga. Ayoko nang ituloy patong dramachine effect ko. baka hindi mo kayanin. Hehe.
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